Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Assalamualaikum,,hye,,whassup dude?,,okay,,my entry for this time is English is my weakness or my focus??,,as I have write at the top just now,,s0 just straight 2 the point because I don’t kn0w+never have an idea to write the “bel0k2”0r the intr0ducti0n as usual,,(sumpah main hentam jerhhh) ^_^,,

h0nestly I said that English was my weakness because I can’t write a c0rrect+g0od sentences especially to write essay,,that’s why I just get ‘B’  for bi in PMR last years,,then, I can’t  speak in English especially  infr0nt 0f pe0ple,,when I have English presentation I will memorize all the text that I have t0 speak 0r whatever that related t0 my presentati0n,,

but I can understand when I was reading 0r listening,,s0,, my f0cus is I sh0uld+have+always try t0 speak in English infr0nt 0f pe0ple and always+c0ntin0unsly  reading and listening to0 anything that related t0 english and can impr0ve my English and v0cabu0lary,,FULL ST0P,, 
      I didn’t have any m0re idea t0 st0ry-m0ry,, ~~~DAAA~~~

~~gamba neyh b'gerak x??~~
~~sbb spt0t nyer b'gerak~~
~~ ^_^ ~~

p/s : s0ry lerr kalw xphm ,, sbb farah maen hentam jerhh yg penting farah da bwt n farah faham per yg farah 2lis ,, ^_^ ,,

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