Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Peace be upon to anyone who is reading my entry right now,,hyep,,whassup babe??h0pe y0u’re in pink 0f health,,s0,, before i start, is there anyone who want to guess what is the tittle for this entry??wahhh,,gud2,,ade gak yg nk teka (tibee bhse melayu),,^_^,,what??my day-dreaming?!hurmmm,,s0ry, wr0ng2,,next,,haa,my little dream,,yeahhhh,,……als0 wr0ng,,^_^,,kay2,,tht its lahhh,,the little f0r this entry is I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU ANYMORE....ENGLISH!!!

yeahhh,,im very2  NOT AFRAID OF YOU ANYMORE....ENGLISH!!! because haaaaa,, I d0nt kn0w lahhh,,ehhh,,n0pe2,,im n0t afraid with English anym0re because I have my 0wn target,,my target is every m0nth I have t0 read at least 1 n0vel,,0f c0urse in English,,then,,everyday I sh0uld try+try+try+try+ and TRY t0 speak in English in any c0nditi0n ,,and lastly is I sh0uld get A in my end-year examinati0n,,insyaALLAH,,
THAT ALLLL !!  ~~~~DAAAAA~~~~ ,, ^_^ ,

~~sper yg ta0 jerrhhhh phm~~
~~ ^_^ ~~

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